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Before selecting for the paintball mask it is necessary to have adequate knowledge about a paintball, what a paintball mask is? What material it is made of? And many more. A paintball mask or paintball goggle is a piece of safety equipment that is used by the paintball players on the field. Different paintball equipment is used on personal preferences and requirements of the game. But, no matter which type of the game is played; woodsball, speedball, or scenario, a paintball mask/goggle is a piece of compulsory equipment.


A paintball mask is a piece of safety equipment to cover eyes, mouth, nose, and ears from paintballs during the game. Initially, the paintball masks were the goggles used in labs and wood shops. These goggles only protected eyes from shots, whereas modern paintball mask cover eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and some are extended to cover even throats. These protective covers protect players during the game from the impact of paintballs.


Here given is a brief detail of paintball masks, so you can select one which fulfils your requirements.